Met a guy tomorrow?

So a guy messaged me on eharmony. I gave him some compliments about his pictures and we started talking a little from there. He suggested hang out sometime. I gave him my number. He called that day and I didn't answer, I ended up getting in touch about a week later after a few texts. We live about an hour apart (him in the city and myself in the burbs).

We have only talked on the phone literally a total of 10 minutes because both times he got off quick. Now he is quick to come visit me for a Tues night date in the burbs. I feel odd because I barely even know this guy...I mean we talked for literally 10 minutes and he only has 2 profile (as in side of his face) online...i mean, really?

My questions are:

1. Is it desperate of me to go on a date with him, spend my time, etc when I don't even know the guy or should I just go with it? Desperate of him...?

2. How/should I ask to see more pictures or talk to him more before we meet before sounding rude or turning him off?

I am new to online dating, but with the 2 people I have met in the past online, things never went this way. they were much slower. This is eharmony too, where people are supposed to go slower...he is 32 by the way if that makes any diff. I am 26 and do NOT look easy in my pics. It feels odd to me that he wouldn't want to get to know me at least a little before driviing an hour each way to meet me..

I am not concerned about my safety as we are meeting in a public place. It's more about meeting someone and being disappointed if they are unattractive or desperate.


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  • 1. Not at all, you're both on that site to find a potential partner

    2. Just ask flat-out. There is nothing wrong with being safe about this.


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  • Perhaps this guy is just cutting to the chase? Maybe he has been online a while and knows you might be someone he sees potentially dating.

    Or, maybe he is wanting to meet you to see what you are like in person. Perhaps he doesn't want to waste time going back and forth online and wants to see if you are what he wants in real life?

    I've done online dating before and it can be frustrating when one person plays coy and won't meet up in real life. It's okay to want to chat online a few times to get to know them, or even talk on the phone.

    I usually just talked on MSN or Facebook with the guys and then met them shortly after.

    The important thing when meeting someone online is to meet in a public place. Go to a coffee shop, arrange your own transportation (don't get into a car with a stranger), and have an out if things aren't going well. Let a friend know where you are going, have them text you in an hour or so, excuse yourself to the bathroom, text them whether it's going well or not. If not, have them help you make up an excuse to leave.

    I've met my fair share of people online, and some meet-ups went better than others. The important thing is to keep trying. Don't be afraid to combine online and real-life dating. Take chances and go out with friends to the bars as well. I found online dating to work for me. I met my boyfriend on there and we have been together for 2 years now.