What's the deal with her? Text game?

I like this girl and we've hung out once. We've texted back and forth for a solid month and a half but it was always me who's had to text her first... She responded consistently for a few weeks and suddenly started leaving me hanging by not replying till the next day.

The last night after us not texting for about week or two she texted me first for once. We had a playful little back and forth going and then low and behold she left me hanging and didn't reply to me till about 3 in the afternoon today. I haven't replied yet.

Suggestions on what I should do? I'm thinking of just leaving it.

Any input from girls on what she might be thinking?


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  • There is a possibility that she might not want to lead you to thinking that you guys are anymore than just friends. Has she given you any other reason for you to think that she may or may not like you?

    I know for myself that if I like a guy I will answer him as soon as possible. If it's a guy I'm not so much into I will wait a while before answering so that he doesn't get the wrong idea and so that he may lose interest in the convo.

    I think you should leave the text unanswered. Or if you're going to feel awkward doing that, answer with a one worded responses. If she tries to pry more words out of you then she's interested if she doesn't then she isn't interested.


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  • Leave it for now...kind of play hard to get...when she texts you back answer like you want to talk to her but don't text her all the time either

  • Well if she is playing games and not responding move on.


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