Should I make the first move?

When we first got together it was perfect

then an aguement occured, resulting in him going missing for the night

soon after we broke up even though he wanted to marry and have kids!

weve been split up for a year now I've seen him twice once he decided to talk to me because I started seeing someone else...he said don't be a stranger we can be civil maybe more..he asked me were his kiss and cuddle is apprently he still misses me according to his friends.

he got with someone 2 weeks after we split recently we've texts but we was talking then the next day he said who is this I ignored him simply I knew he knew my number I ignored it then he said woops sorry wrong person! but why all this after year just don't understand he left with out any explination but still contact :S help me please!

The person he got with 2 weeks after kept trying messege me on Facebook and contact me asking me questions I let him know, he kept thanking me and telling me he's sorry for everything, I start a new job soon, I don't want this hanging over me gone on to long I never once got angry always let him get on with whatever he getting on with, he always seems to run back :(

also sadly his ex died before I come along I supported him but we both got the blame!

he hurt me bad I told him what his friend said to me then he backed his mate up untill I said that I have texts to prove it he's been seen sitting near my house and driving by, He sent me a request on Facebook, I accepted being mature no inbox as yet but very Strange Status 'what do you have to do to be truley happy' I don't know weather to just pop a little message hi? or just leave it? Or is it another game,?


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  • Reading this confused the hell out of me. Dude sounds like he playing games an wants sympathy. It really depends on how you feel about that an if in your heart you feel he's worth all the things he'll put you thru.


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