What are some good things to talk about when texting a guy you barely know?

This guy and I met recently because we thought each other was cute and one of our mutual friends was trying to hook us up. So we've been talking, but I feel like our conversations are sort of boring because we only ever have small talk. We still don't know each other that well so it's hard to find something to talk about.

I want to start talking to him more in person soon but the only time I could do that would be at lunch, and the last time I talked to him in person it was a little awkward, so I'm sticking to just texting him until we get to know each other better!

What are some interesting things I can say to him while texting?

Also, do guys like it when girls text first or should I play hard to get?


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  • General stuff -- did you see that movie? No? Oh, I heard it was awesome. Did you see that one? Yes? How is it?

    Take it easy on the guy -- nudge him with one question and see what he does with it. Let him direct the conversation after that. if he doesn't seem interested then just skip it and move on.