Am I right to be this mad?

In a nutshell, all my college procedures are done online.

Today I had to choose my class schedule. A college has thousands of students, so we're assigned a period of time where we could chose it (for example, all names starting with A do it from 9am to 11am).

I got today from midnight to 2 am (crappy and unfair but I can't do anything about it).

I had set a date with my boyfriend, he was supposed to spend the night.

I told him that I had to be home by midnight, or I'd lose the schedule I wanted.

He was fine with it, so we got home by 11:50pm, just enough time to turn on the pc and log in.

Obviously, the server as PACKED and very slow.

I started at 12am, by 12:05am my boyfriend had a weird face. I asked if everything was OK, he said he was bored. I explained that I HAD to do that and that it would take 20 minutes, TOPS.

At 12:10am I was almost done.

My boyfriend said he was being stood up like an idiot, that he HATES waiting, got up with a very angry face, said "what the hell, doing this at midnight!" and left saying we'd see each other tomorrow.

EVEN THO I explained I could do NOTHING about the time they gave me. If I didn't do that on the period they gave me, I'd literally LOSE my place.

Of course I wasn't giving him much attention, but I was doing something that would change my life for the next year!

I finished what I was doing by 12:30am.

So.. It looks like this was just a huge excuse for him to leave. And I'm feeling like crap.

He made it seem like it was my fault that I had to do it at midnight! Also, a grown man that got THAT mad because he had to wait 30 minutes? What the hell guys?

Also, it is not something I'll talk about with him. He is very stubborn, if he thinks he's right, he will NOT change his mind. SO. What can I even do?


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  • But you see, not being able to talk to him is going to be a problem. You can be as mad as you want but if you can't be vocal about things like this you aren't going to be too happy every time these seemingly small incidents occur. He is extremely impatient and stubborn. He sounds like an jerk who wants things his way. If he cares about you he needs to learn to stop being so one sided. A relationship is a balance. If you don't talk to him about it and these types of situations occur you are going to be a very unhappy woman. My boyfriend was the exact same way with me, I love him as a human being but he did have that trait in his personality. I let him know about that and guess what? As stubborn as he is, he did make an effort to mold that negative approach to opinions and arguments and I was happy. We have been in a relationship now for 5 years.

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