Guys: Are you good at romance? Just curious

Just curious because I'm 21 and never been with no one before let alone have had any romantic experiences. I want my first experience to be very very special and beautiful with the man of my dreams especially the one who meets all of my preferences, not saying that I won't date a guy who don't meet my preferences but I'm just saying that because it'll be my first time dating, I would prefer it to be with the kind of man I always dreamed of but at the same time, I'm NOT desperate at all for a guy and I want to wait until the time is right and don't wanna rush things. I prefer a guy in his mid to late 30's because around that time, he's more experienced and I think it's very sexy when a guy is very experienced and can be my personal teacher and teach me things and know what he's doing but as long as he's not loose or a "player". But what's the most romantic thing you ever done for a woman and what are some very good tips on dating for the first time? Thanks for your answers!


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  • I've met so many guys that think/say they are romantic but aren't. I don't know if they really think this or are just trying to sound good. But it bugs me


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  • I second the thought that the concept of preferences is outdated.

    There are two kinds of preferences, one that you should stick to, like dating a man who is kind and treats you right and ones that are usually held by younger girls, that the guy be tall, handsome, 6 pack rich etc

    These preferences people realize as they get older are not important. Most people will eventually settle for someone with whom they have chemistry and someone who is honest and treats them right. I say settle but actually once you have been screwed around a bit having someone that ticks just those 3 boxes doesn't sound like settling at all.

    You can definitely look for guys who are mature in order to have your relationships but don't get too caught up in the age thing - guys who are in their 30's may not have grown up inside at all and there are young gentlemen out there who are in their early 20's who are really mature.

    The trouble with relationships with a big (8+) year gap is that you never have a common ground to discuss things and you don't get to go through life's stages at the same time. What will excite you will be boring to him and vice-versa. Even if it doesn't start out that way it is liable to end that way.

    You have a lot to look forward to you know, what will be romantic to you will be something that occurs that is unique to you and won't be like someone else's story and the most romantic things can turn out to be some of the 'littlest' experiences...

    ...for me romantic was when I was 18 and had my first car, a Toyota Celica with a hatchback and my first girlfriend. I was so poor after buying my car that for one of our dates we got a pizza and some blankets and drove to our cities carnival show. I was too poor to pay for tickets for us to go inside and on the rides so we opened up the back of the car and had pizza and watched the fireworks in the sky and later after all the other cars had gone sat and watched the stars and talked and kissed :)

    Another time my girlfriend and I went camping and there was a big storm and huge winds and we were stuck inside our tent unable to go anywhere. I stuck my head out of the tent and it was raining so hard I couldn't even see the car to make a run for it. We stayed inside and the wind continued to howl eventually pulling the tents pegs out of the ground so that the tent collapsed on top of us and we could feel the rain beating on us from the other side of the tent. Trapped together and pressed up against each other with no space we made love and she orgasmed with me for the first time whilst we could feel the drum beat and noise of the rain. It may not sound like it but it felt, and feels to remember altogether romantic.

    My girlfriend once told me that the most romantic thing she ever saw was me getting up in the morning and making her breakfast in the nude and we had been on plenty of romantic dates! :)

    In the end romance is a state of mind, it's about making something special rather than doing something particular. Best of luck :)

  • I'm probably too Romantic, being a Male Libra lol.

    I go from cooking, washing dishes, giving full body massages, spending quality time, writing Love Letter Cards, and easily making a Poem out of her whole name. Buy certain Gifts make her Cry of Joy.

    Cuddle, play my piano for her and go out always holding doors and pulling chairs.

    <--I'm a Shy Funny Gentleman, just Cupid has a Sense of Humor, because I usually end up with Women that can't appreciate this, an they Either Cheat on me when I'm working to Provide for us or they get mad at me for not Punching them an choking them.

    lol I attract weird psycho girls, I guess opposites attract.

    • I like your answer! and been through the same thing bro... the girls I treated the worst treated me the best and the ones I treated the best treated me the worst.

      Just have to remember that how someone treats us is about how they feel inside and not about us... we got to find our psycho girls that we can love but that have got our backs :)

  • i hate how girls have to be attracted to guys significantly older than them


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