Should I text him first?

I just moved to a new city and last night was my first time out. I went to see a local band play and ended up meeting this really nice guy. We hit it off right away and I know there was mutual attraction. He hung out with me all night, asked for my number before I left and texted me promptly saying it was really nice to meet me and asking if I'd like to get a drink soon. I said yes and we continued to talk until I had to go to bed and he ended with "ok talk to you later" and I didn't respond.

So I didn't hear from him at all today - should I text him?

We're both in our mid-twenties. I hate the dating game of who should text who first but I don't want to seem either too eager or not interested. What should I do?

Should I just wait for him to contact me again or should I text him something like "I know protocol says I'm supposed to wait for you to text me, but would you like to grab a drink tonight?"

Guys - do you like it if a girl texts you first or do you like a chase?


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  • Nope, do not text him first at all. RESIST girl! I know it's really really hard but under no circumstances should you ever text a guy first during the early stages of a relationship. After that, its okay but not before.

    Men like to chase women and you need to let him do that. Also, you don't want to look desperate. Create that need in him to want to talk to you and get to know you on his own.

    So no texting him first :)