Advice Please - Do I deserve this ?

This is kind of a long story but Ill try to make as short as possible.

I met this guy on a popular dating site. We really hit it off had lots in common talked and texted all day for weeks. But he was a little sketchy when we exchanged pics but he only gave me one grainy pic him (the only he had). When I asked to Skype with him and he acted weird avoided the question and conveniently fell asleep or suddenly became busy. Automatically red flags go up with that. So I put off meeting him. A week later I ended up meeting another guys. The new guy and I hit if off and eventually things with the online guy took a back seat. I ended up canceling our first date the day before. When he would text or call I kind of halfheartedly responded. I really was busy with school/ work but I didn’t want to be jerked around. Eventually he stopped contacting me.

About three months later after I ended things with guy #2 he contacted me out of nowhere the first time I didn’t respond but the second time I did. We started talking as friends texting and eventually Skyping. I apologized for my behavior but he assured me it was water under the bridge and he wanted us to start dating. So we have been dating since December. We had a conversation early on about the perimeters of the relationship we were exclusive but we hadn’t decided exactly where things are going. We are both super busy so we only get to see each other twice a month but he was constantly texting calling and telling me how much he enjoys spending time with me. After being intimate twice he is blowing me off not texting me as much not engaging in conversation. I don't know why he would work so hard for a relationship with me and then do this. Unless he only wanted to hurt me . I was thinking of confronting him but maybe I set myself up for this. Thoughts?


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  • two things seem to be apparent...

    1) he was trying to exact some sort of revenge.

    2) he just realized that he wasn't that into you.

    I'd lean towards #2. Why'd he work so hard? Because you don't know what's there or not there without some work. Why don't I think it's #1? Because it just doesn't seem like it's worth his time. He was shady, elusive, and avoided you so why should he be offended when you met someone else and didn't have time for him... My feeling is that he just realized that he wasn't that into you and isn't man enough just to come out and explain that to you

  • He most definitely has tricked you and only wanted something physical. I'm sorry to say that. But if he was really into you, he would continue to show that. And not slow down on communication, or have a lesser interest. You have all the right to confront him. That's even if you wanna waste your energy doing that.


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