Have you entered into a relationship with someone you met on GaG?

I understand online dating on sites like "match.com" or "christianmingle.com" but what about Girlsaskguys.com? Are people that pathetic that they come to a website that is supposed to help generate advice, and turn it into a dating site? I just think that's creepy. Especially when there are huge age differences! EW!

Does anyone know of anyone who met their significant other on here?


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  • no I don't know anybody. I'm in a relationship w/a guy from school. I talk to people on here but I'm kinda wary of approving friend requests though since I'm one of the youngest people. I always make sure they're not like over 35 and get as much info as their profile allows.

    • Yeah a lot of people here that are 40+ are creepy.

    • should I be concerned that most people are the ones who friend me? an that 96% of them are men?

    • No. Just steer clear of 40+

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  • I was seeing someone I met here.

    Do we come here for this? No..

    But you meet people, get to know them.. and them you..

    and stuff happens...

  • I don't know anyone who has gotten together with someone on GAG. However I do know a guy who freely admits that he treats GAG as a dating site and tries to hook up with every woman he can on here. He has been unsuccessful, but he tries and I think its creepy.

    • Yuckie! That's gross!

    • I know, some people asked 0 questions, has few answers and like 36 pages of female "friends". That is just sad. Especially since I think the girls on this site are in general not airheaded types who would just talk nonsense with strange guys.

    • I have a lot of girl friends, but I also have a good amount of guy friends. I add people who are interesting, not people I want to try and take on dates or go to different states to meet or move in with.

  • I met my boyfriend on match.com...

    As far as on here? A lot of the guys come off creepy so I'm usually pretty careful as to who I accept as a friend and who I talk to..


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  • that's really weird when people do that. I've seen one guy's profile who would only answer girl's questions, only had female friends, no questions...etc, you know a dead give away. I came on here because I needed help with a certain girl problem and eventually stayed just to understand "the game" better and well because I liked it. I've been on this site for over a year, but I've never met anyone that I would even consider dating because it would just be too weird. However, I did very recently meet a girl on here that I would date if she didn't live on the opposite side of the world lol.

  • I'm currently seeing someone I met here. I didn't come here looking to meet women though, she added me and we got talking, it just developed really well.

    I think if you joined here specifically to pick up girls it would be a strange move as many of them will live very far away and its hard to tell who lives nearby considering most people only list which country they are from.

    I came here to complain about women, spread my somewhat alternative views on dating/attraction and get opinions on plastic surgery, I just got lucky I guess.

    • Ya you do complain a lot. But cool for your relationship I guess.

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    • Well there are no retarded leaders in England who get elected to promote a lazy and government-fed society, so you're off the hook!