Why is he playing with my emotions?!

so I'm 18. I've been dating a guy...hes way older than me. his wife died about 3 years ago but he approached me first. he was at first saying he just wanted a "sponsoring situation" just him giving me money. we went out a few times and he started talking about a relationship. well we've been dating a few weeks. now all of a sudden he wants to go back to just a financial situation because he misses his wife. I'm irritated because he's saying he misses her too much for a relationship. but not too much to have sex with me. I'm trying to be nice an supportive but on the other hand, as selfish as it might be, I'm like OK but what about me? should I continue to be understanding? or what?


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  • if you aren't getting the kind of relationship you want and if he's not open to changing it or getting into a compromise then you shouldn't keep working for both of you. Relationships are a two-way street, if you are understanding he should be understanding too.

    he is just using you if all you ever do is have sex.


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