Is it normal that when we met, after not seeing each other in 3 years, that it was really awkward?

well a couple nights ago I went to a basketball game of a guy I've known for years but haven't seen in years. we've been talking for the past 2 weeks and talked about how we wanted to see each other. but when we did it was very awkward, we couldn't even tall. I tried to instigate conversation but he kind of just blew it off and made it awkward. when we text, our conversation is fine. I talked to him about it and he said that it was the fact that we hadn't seen each other in ages and, also, that the texting was a one of one situational conversation - not where there were many other conversations. he said it would get better with time

what do you think?


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  • Its a lot easier talking to people over messaging than in person, mostly because with messaging you don't have to worry about awkward silences, eye contact, looking your best, body language and a whole bunch of things

    Does it feel uncomfortable between you when you're together in person, or are you just worried about making conversation? Because studies have shown that women are more talkative than men, so it may be the case that you're worrying about making conversation, when he's just happy to be around you and he's not very good at making conversation in person.

    What you could do is try to make yourself feel relaxed around him and see how it goes.

    It could also be that you don't have much in common and so making conversation can be more difficult, you can always think up questions and topics to talk about before meeting him

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