Why does this guy text me everyday and stop responding?

I don't understand why this guy would text me everyday, "hey" at about noon, 4 at the absolute latest. We'll have a good, funny conversation, but he'll just not respond to my last text. I don't text him twice, but he just ignores my texts at random times, not necessarily late. He does this every single time we talk, today he stopped responding at 6. Why would he do this, end our convo with no warning, but text me another "hey" the very next morning? I just don't get it, what do I do?


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  • People do this to me ALL the time, hahaha!

    Don't let it get you down, he apparently just doesn't like "ending" text conversations, some people don't find it necessary. I'd say as long as he's texting you again after that, it's all fine. I personally think it's weird and a bit rude or inconsiderate, but that's not most people's intent, so I'm learning to live with it, haha!

    • Can I just text him, "Well goodnight? haha"

    • I guess you could, but there's really no point. It'll probably make things weird.

      If you're genuinely curious about why he does it, I'd make a joke about it in person, making light of it. If you text him that, it comes off a little clingy... just my opinion :-)

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  • He problably doesn't. Now to end a convo...next time you end the convo before you think he is gonna end.

    • He probably doesn't do what?

  • He problably doesn't now how to end a conversation... Sorry about that

    • haha okay, that makes sense.. but I don't understand why he ends the conversation at about 7 or 8 maybe 9 every night. I feel like that shows he's not into me, but if he wasn't into me, what's the point of texting me daily? I mean he used to text me once a week and we'd stay up until 2, or text the next morning, and all day.

    • Next time he does that text him again something that is obvious that it's soppseed to be for someone else...or try asking him their has to be a reason.

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  • A) lack of social skills

    B) something better comes along

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