Why do I always like guys who don't like me and I don't like the guys who like me?

i hardly ever really fall for a guy and if I do this guy probably won't like me back...

the weird thing is that a lot of other guys who I really just like as friends like me...

it isn't the case that the guys I like aren't in "my league" or totally different from the guys who like me (it is not that just nerds like me and I just like surfer or something) they are all pretty normal average guys.

i am really shy, nervous and maybe a bit weird if I am alone with the person I like but do you think that I could be so weird that I am a total turn off?

i tried to be with obe of the guys who

like me but I just don't feel the chemistry and so even kissing felt gross (like you would kiss your brother)

so what am I doing wrong?


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  • Behavior has many layers. In general people are attracted to partners they feel they deserve. When you say they are not in your league that is ridiculous. Great looking guys will often prefer women with great personalities over a super model. Sure some are shallow and go only for a particular look, but not all. Also a guy who shows a strong personality and bad boy type aggression seems often attractive compared to the level headed mild mannered type because the bad boy seems more exciting and fun. Be confident that you deserve to find a fantastic guy and look for a solid personality, outgoing, positive and kind to others. Those are traits you should like because this type will more likely support you and be a great partner. When you find that valuable, you will start to find the right type of guys more interesting.

    • i never said that I am out of their league I said that I don't think they are out of my league and I mean that I don't think that the guys I like look like kings and I am ugly as hell, the guys who like me also look good and they are super nice and talented but I am just not attracted to them because I don't feel any chemistry and the guys I like are all good guys too (the guy I like at the moment is a chorister who often donates to poor people he has a heart of gold!) I am definitelly not the b

    • ?bad girl type and I defintitelly value good character traits, I just don't fall in love because I think someone looks good first I am always friends with these guys and then somehow I realize they are boyfriend material...my problem is that these guys I like don't like me back but that there are some others who like me but I just like as friends because there is no chemistry

    • Sarah loves Tom who loves April who loves Harry... It's the story of life. Finding someone special who also is into you is the trick. Be patient. The saying two ships passing in the night refers to the situation where a couple are matched in circumstances for only a short time. When you both find it worth while to adjust your lives to be together, that a great sign.

  • You're really young and should just date men who you like, and don't try to get into their heads about why anybody likes anybody. Nobody knows the answer to that question! But if you want an opinion about why you like guys who don't like you, it could be that you just are intrigued by someone who seems unattainable.

    More concerning is why you aren't interested in men who like you. Try going out with one of them. Don't automatically reject men who like you -- it's not good for you.


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