How do I tell the stalker guy to leave me alone, please help me

Ok so theirs this guy I know who's my friend when I first met him he was very nice and acting like it. Like a nice guy, holding doors only sometimes, introducing himself being friendly, etc like I notice he can be controlling at times, changing the subject, at times I offer my snack to my friends when I don't he wants some and then makes me feel guilty, try's some times to impress like once in a while, and he was telling me how he liked 30 girls and has ask them before to go out ( like as in hang out) and was saying how they all rejected him. Like on December 21 when supposedly the world was gonna end he was saying if the world did end " oh great I'm gonna die a virgin" I feel like his in a way desperate to get a girlfriend and using nice guy feel bad for me type to get a girlfriend or am I just paranoid?

A week ago he told me he liked me plus he wanted to hang out alone at his house I notice he only nice to certain people and tries to get a girlfriend by saying hell buy stuff like I feel he doesn't care anything about the girl he just wants someone cause everyone has one and of course a pretty girl but then he except the girl not to be shallow like I want to date someone average I don't care really as like as he actually is sweet oh and his creepy he starts following girls and me his starting to make me feel uncomfortable. And he invites girls and girls he doesn't know to see him get batized and have cake and pizza why do you need food? And he told my friend that he had 6 girls online he was dating. I feel like if I dated him as well he would be abusive or yelling at me he would make me feel like horrible and he would stalk me or force me into stuff what should I do and how will I tell if a guy is really sweet inside and not pretending


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  • by the way he interacts with people, we all have good an bad days, but what's in a person heart& soul can't change over night.

  • Just ignore him


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