Any of you find this weird?

Okay so I met this girl online in a forum of a game we both play, now she seems nice and is really cute (yes she has legit pictures of her and her swim/track team. Now we get to talking and yes we get along just fine usually just ideal chit-chat. Then I ask her if she could give me an opinion on an outfit for this blind date I'm going on. I was expecting a simple "sure" or "no, sorry", but then she goes off on a tangent about chivalry and honesty and not trying to be something I'm not. (now she is a lot smarter than I am, has a medical doctorate, only a couple months older than me who is still a semester shy of his BS, I switched my major a lot, is I think out of my league in the looks department, more athletic and lives in a different country) most girls say sure an give me suggestions but this just threw me.

P.S. we have only been going back and forth for about two weeks.


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  • She likes you & is hurt that you went on a blind date. If you're interested in her, you should meet her face to face. if your not interested in her that way, then give her a STRONG friend vibe when you chat online. Don't say anything flirty. I know someone who met his girlfriend while playing WOW, so its totally possible. People often meet in the weirdest and surprising ways.

    • That's what I thinking, especially since she changed her tone, but it doesn't make any sense I mean I showed her a picture of me which I know I'm definitely not hot nor am I repugnant, and realistically it doesn't seem , I'd like to sure she's cute, foreign, smart, doesn't judge me for who I am, we both learned English as a second language and can speak it very well, and were into a lot of the same thing but her being in Japan and me being in the states I don't see anything happening save

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    • She even lives in the city in Japan I wanted to see most (and no it's not Tokyo), initially that's how our conversation started since I did plan on going their someday in the near future, not for her for my own reasons, and she even suggested I might see her there before she even knew what I looked like. Honestly I figured she's just really friendly, I understand how us Americans are very antagonistic and are taken back by such amiability.

    • In response to your comment: Okay I see I did ask her if she could at least recommend good places to eat in her city, on the chance I do actually go to Japan,and that being the primary reason for me wanting to go to that city while in Japan. Though I do want to spend time in other parts of Japan that would be my first stop if at all possible I don't know if planes fly to any other city than Tokyo

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