Hey all, need help with a texting question. Did I say something wrong?

Ok so I just met this girl playing basketball earlier this week. Things seemed great: 1) I convinced her to keep playing basketball with me even after she was tired and ready to leave. 2) She was supposed to go to dinner right after Bball but she instead came to a smoothie place with me. Then drank it with me for like 10 min. 3) Responds to my text after getting the smoothie that totally didn't require a response (just texted her so she had my number too and she responded asking for my last name) 4) She responded to my first text yesterday.

But something went wrong. I texted her yesterday saying "How's your hip doing? I'd be impressed if its fine after that solid fall haha" she responded saying "Haha it's pretty sore" and I responded with "Aww that sucks. You able to get around fine with it though? I bet you'd still outshoot me anyway... :)"

Did I say dorm thing wrong? She didn't respond :( Ugh, what should I do next? Thanks!

  • It was a good/decent/okay text that she should have responded to.
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  • Bad text. Shouldn't have sent it.
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  • Maybe she was busy? It sucks when girls don't respond to texts. It's like WTF bitch?!

    • Yeah, well texting isn't too much of a time commitment though :/

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