Girl who are tall do you feel it is bad to be tall or no when comes to dating?

Why does it concern you and how tall are you? If it doesn't concern you.. then tell me why too?

Update: I'm talking about tall women that are 5'8 or taller.


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  • I'm just below 5'10, and I'm dating a guy shorter than me (he's around 5'7). When I put some heels on, I'm around 6'1'' :) It doesn't bother me at all.

    The only issue is if the guy feels insecure about it.

    I've never had a guy turn me down *because* of my height, but perhaps some never tried to approach me because of it. I guess I'll never know :) I've been told by several grown men that it made me look intimidating. One of my friend's father even told me he wouldn't dare flirt with me if he was my age x)

    Interesting enough, I've never dated a guy that was taller than me (without the heels, of course) Oo

    The one thing I sometimes regret about being tall is that it makes it harder for people to feel the need to protect you. 99% of the time I don't need to be protected, I stand on my own, but sometimes I guess it would be nice to be able to cuddle and feel small in someone's strong arms ^^

    • Well heels aren't even real height, so any guy shouldn't be telling you not to wear them or be bothered by them. Look if grown men are going to act like you are intimidating then they aren't men. The guys that are strong, will love, and protect you are the one that are confident and have a loving personality towards you. Strong is based more on personality than actual strength.

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    • Oh I just saying when a guy likes a girl a lot. he does that lol

    • Well then, that's good news for me ;)

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  • First of all what do you consider tall , And tall women are the hot women . Especially if they have a nice body . Men love long legs.

    • Anything 5'8 to taller

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    • I get it you think it is odd because you think guys wouldn't like a girl being taller. Yeah that's what you hear but doesn't mean it is what it is. I mean seriously what is wrong with it?. Clearly I haven't been raised like you or listened to the same thing as you. I respect a women no matter what size, race or shape she is. I have seen women that look so beautiful when their tall. I thought the woman was 2 be able 2 embrace beauty not be restricted by it.

    • I like all kinds of girls not just tall ones. women shouldn't grow up tall and have to worry about a downside to their beauty. I mean one of things that get the attention of the opposite sex is just being unique. I like tall ones due to these things. there's just more woman and longer legs. Yeah I wouldn't mind a taller one because there's more to love.

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  • I'm a guy, but will answer about myself. I stand at 6'6" and dating someone under 5'8" is difficult, but do-able. I am sure the same concept applies to women.

  • OK I'm not a girl but where I live all girls want to be tall 'cause it's generally considered that a girl needs to be tall to be sexy.

    • It is at the USA or somewhere else?

    • Europe.

    • Well in the US we are all mixed. I'm sure there areas where they are more confident but where I'm at or from what I hear on the internet. some look down about it and think a guy won't like them for it lol.

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