Should I give him a chance

I really like him but we've only hung out two times. I'm the one who came on to him and I'm a little worried that he's taking advantage of that although he seems like a really nice guy. we pretty much made plans for him to come to my dorm tonight but there's a blizzard so I texted him saying "hey I know there's a lot of snow so its up to you if you still want to come later" he wrote back "haha we'll see how deep it gets " then I said" well I'll be home at 4 so just let me know around then if you're coming or not"...he texts me at 6:45 saying "hey do you want to hang out tomorrow instead?" -__-

btw he's already told me he's interested and isn't see anyone else. we've made out and stuff so I think he's into me but...idk


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  • I don't see anything here why you should doubt this...