I am wondering about the proper etiquette about bringing a date to a business meeting.

I am wondering about the proper etiquette about bringing a date to a business meeting.

Here is the scenario.

My girlfriend said she had a business meeting with several men related to her business that was to occur around 8:00 PM. It was to be a business meeting and perhaps dinner but was only going to last a half hour or so. Earlier in the day I told her I was busy for the evening. As it turned out I ended up getting free and while she was getting ready I said that it would be fun if I could go along and perhaps we could go out and do something after. I would just say hi and stay in the background.

As soon as she said that she started to get upset and wanted not to go. I started to get a little suspicious and I asked where the meeting was. It turned out to be at Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills. I then said that I have been to many business gatherings after hours and it’s OK if spouses or partners come. I suggested to just text the host and tell him that I was coming. She first said that she suddenly change her mind and did not want to come. I then insisted that she text him and she said OK, she texted a message and then I said let me see the response. She then erased her messages. And said, look I sent a message and that should be enough. We had a fight about it and then she put on a short tight dress and said she was going out to meet a girlfriend.

What is a man to think?


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  • To be honest, I don't think it was your place to insist on going with her if it was a works thing.

    If she's lying and she was actually going to meet another man or something then I completely understand where you're coming from.

    Do you know any of her business partners or colleagues? Could they verify that there was actually a meeting?

    If it was a business meeting then it would be completely down to her whether she wanted to bring someone along or not, personally I never take any partner to any work function unless it's just a social event with work colleagues. That's not because I'm cheating but I prefer to keep business and pleasure separate.

    Hope this helps!


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