Being on a date all alone - again?

Hey fellas!

It seems like I always fall for the same type of girl: The one that doesn't show up on dates. Being 18, I've had crushes on two different girls so far. With both I arranged some date/hangout/thingy/whatever, and both just happened to be not present.

Since I don't want this to become a tradition, what am I possibly doing wrong?

Some background info:

First girl was in my class at school, we both were 17 at that time. There was always "something" going on between us, but I couldn't really grasp it. Then; one day, I asked her out to see a gig of a common friend's band in some local park. Well, after I got back home I found a FB message that had been send right after I left the house in which she tells me that she is too tired to come, especially since she wants to go to some party the same evening. Awesome.

The second girl was 20 (me being 18, actually this happened yesterday). We happen to be both signed up for the same dating site, but first talked at a common friend's party a short time ago. afterward, I was asked by someone if we knew each other beforehand, since we appeared to be quite close. We connected on FB and chatted for some time, once over a 6-hour period. Still, I didn't had the impression that we were flirting, given that I'm not that smooth at all. Another of my friends is like her closest male friend, so honourable as I am, I checked back with him in case he had any interest in her. He hadn't, but wished me best of luck. Okay, forward to this week, said friend and I planned to go and see yet another gig of the very same band. When I asked him whether he'd be okay to be my wingman in case I manage to invite this girl with us (he's the best in my circle of friends), he was all like "Lol, I just did that, you're welcome".

Later, I texted and asked her about it, and she said something like "probably, we'll see". Okay, whatever.

Thing is, once again (under different circumstances), the girl that I wanted to spend time with did not show up.

I'm not that bitter, I just want to know if there's something I'm doing wrong. This sounds way too much like sitcom.


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  • You just need to try and try again.

    Every guy experiences a lot of rejections before getting settled to their right girl/girls.

    That's the way of life.