He agreed to a date but not a time and place?


i asked him out to which he responded he would love to hang out again! brb

i went OK, can you do like wed or thurs at 7?


what's going on?


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  • Try him again. If this continues he is likely not serious about committed dating and probably just needs a friend.

    Or he seriously could have had something come up.

    For example when I'm not 100% interested I may or may not setup another date or leave it open ended. Like we will hang but don't make any solid plans. I have many female friends I've never crossed lines with because I enjoyed them in a non-relationship why.

    Although I did seriously have something come up like work called me once and I was gone in two days for two weeks. Me personally while on an assignment restrict phone use.

    But try him again.

    • we already um made out so the line has been crossed

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