Im a lesbian.Why is it so difficult to get a girl to want to date me?

Okay so I'm 22, female, blond blue eyes, in the military serving in Japan. Everyone here knows I like women. The men won't leave me alone, but any woman I try talking to just isn't interested or just teases me. It sucks being a lesbian! What do I do? I'm not going to change my orientation, that's out of my control.


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  • Well, I think you've answered your own question. Lesbians are a minority. So, you're always going to find it a tougher numbers game than a straight person. Why not go to a gay club? There are many in Tokyo I think, for expats and Japanese. Or you could try online dating.


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  • They tease you? That's stupid.

    I don't know, every lesbian I know has never had trouble finding a relationship. That must be the lesbian scene here perhaps.

    Are you going to gay bars specifically?