Should I give my date options for what to do on a date?

I'm planning on asking this girl out but should I plan everything or should I give the chance to choose something such as, choosing what ever movie you want to see or restaurant you want to go to. Money isn't a problem but I'm debating on whether to tell her that. I'm worried I'll be showering her with money and over spoiling her.


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  • Some girls respond well to a more traditional approach to dating, while others appreciate a more contemporary approach to dating rituals. Setting the tone is very important here. If you want her to see that you value her as an equal partner, then try offering a couple strong choices. Leave the laundry list at home. Since the date is your move, then it's OK to assume you'll cover the expenses this round. Don't make an issue of money. That's a tacky move and will betray you as turd focusing on cash, instead of focusing on the good time you want to show your date. They have to see you're above all that, brother.

    A fun date does not have to be dinner and a movie. Ask around for ideas and try something original. As for showering women with money, the behavior will certainly guarantee that you attract dates who show less interest in your intellect, charm, and sensitivity, but they'll put on a great act when it comes time to laugh at your jokes. Make your dates about fun and being comfortable together. The smarter, more mature young ladies don't even dig the slow, deliberate cash flash on a date because they know it's all part of a show. If you get this plastic, women will drop you like a bad penny--well, the better ones will. Handle the loot this round since you're taking on the role of event planner, but stay too cool to mention it. You can always graciously reassure your lady friend that you "go it covered" when the time comes.

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