Is he playing hard to get OR is he playing around by delaying text msgs

i asked him out, he said he would love to go ;) and went brb.

i added a place and time.

it took him 12 hours to get back to me with a date and confirm.

that's not normal. I understand people date multiple people but it was for wed or thurs, more than a few days in advance.

why the hesitation?


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  • First..calm down. I really don't understand why you asked him out via text in the first place. It's so impersonal. Being 24, of course I love to text, but there's a time when you know you should pick up the phone and actually hear someone's voice once in a while. As for the delay in the text ::shrug:: He's a guy. Even if their phone is glued to their hip, they aren't as"obsessed" (for lack of a better word) as us females are with texting. Perhaps something happened that needed his attention. I would be concerned if he didn't respond to you at all instead of 12 hours later. Look at the positive: he responded. It has nothing to do with playing hard to get (can't believe people still do that, to be honest). He has a life. Other things will and do come first. Simple as that.