How to respond to stranger after first date email?

I went on a first date last night with a new guy. I'd like to see him again with hopes of developing a relationship, but he sent me a strange email this morning. How should 'I respond? I'll paste in the text so you can form your own interpretations. Thanks!

Just following up to say thanks for last night. It was good to get out for a change.

I have to admit I'm way out of practice on the single scene. The immensely tiny part of my brain that is allocated to making decisions on social issues was way overloaded. I kept hearing myself think things like "hold her hand you ninny", "put your arm around her", " take your heavily muscled Mr. Atlas arm, firmly wrap it around her tiny supermodel waist, gently pull her pelvis into you and plant a smootch on her until she transforms into a quivering ball of enfatuated she-flesh". Yeah, that's my brain all right. Trying to imitate a romance novel. It's too bad they don't have brain tune-ups. I could use one.

We never did talk about the "what are you looking for in a relationship" issue. I've been in a few in the past and now I'm twice shy as they say. Couldn't help but notice there are a few things that don't mesh between us but I still find myself feeling kind of fond of you.

If it's O.K. with you, I'd like to keep in touch. Since we are both pretty busy though, it looks like we will probably cross paths only rarely. I'm OK with that if you are.

In the meantime, I need to figure out where "quivering ball of she-flesh" came from. Seriously, who thinks like that?



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  • Sounds a little self centred and very up himself but his intentions come across as genuine, but this is after one date, you need to have a few before you can say he's worthy of you, so play safe and make him work for you, don't hand it on a plate to him,x


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  • I think he's just being a corn ball. It doesn't sound threatening or strange at all. He's just trying to convey how "weird" and shy he was thinking last night. I don't really think he considers you she flesh.

    He seems to be insinuating that he would like to see you more but if you are busy and can't he understands and would still like to stay in touch.

    If you want to take it farther I'd say let me know that you had a good time and you were nervous as well. Alleviate some of his stress.

  • It sounded pretty creepy but it also sounded to me he was very awkward didn't know what to do on the date. He was expressing that, fishing for what he should have done. The confidence of sheltered nerds is a very strange thing. You have to guide them a lot.

    • Thanks so much for feedback. What should I say in response since I'm interested?

    • Poke around find out what he likes. Then study a little bit in it. The reason why he'll open more you talk about something he likes, ask him if he would like to go out again. Honestly he's happy your just dating him more than likely. Taking that time to learn about things he likes even if you absolutely hate i. Means a whole lot he will return that by 10 fold. My sister married a guy like that he treats her like gold.

  • Sounds like a decent fellow. Very honest.


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  • LOL!

    What a weird guy (and I mean thst in the good way) ... ;)

    From what I can tell he seems pritty honest at least. He said he likes you, so that's good but its hard to pin point were he would like this relationship to go. On the one hand he shows romantic interest in you but on the other hand he seems on the shy side when it comes to presueing relationships of that nature.

    If I were you I would just go with the flow, if you like him then go ahead and .date him again, but don't get to hung up on the 'were is this going' part because it seems to me he doesn't really now what he wants in the relationship eather.

    This may grow into a good friendship or it could become something more romantic... only time will tell.

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