How to progress from the comfortable stage?

Lately, me and my girlfriend fought a lot and now that it's all fine we are kinda of comfortable together and it seems boring now! I know this sounds kinda annoying and a hassle but how do you get off this stage and start the playful lovey dovey action as always :). Text don't seem to attract her attention, should I stop texting her and just text her every 5-7 hours later?


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  • The "honeymoon stage" of a relationship is always fun, but so is the comfortable stage... just in a different way. The latter may feel less exciting, but it's because your intimacy has grown, and the sparks have been replaced with a warm security blanket. Don't mourn the sparks; instead embrace your maturing relationship!

  • Try doing new, fun, and exciting activities together! Ever been go-carting for a date? If you guys are sexually active, try new things in the bedroom! Go on group dates or double dates with your friends, this allows you guys to see or observe what other couples might do for fun!

    Do something neither of you have done together! long drives late at night, surprise each other with little gifts for no reason at all! Sending cards, poems, songs, make her a personalized CD! There are many exciting, fun things you guys can do for each other to keep the romance alive, even if you are out of the "honeymoon" phase! And be glad that you guys made it through the "power struggle" and are getting alone in the next stage of your relationship!


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