On speech impediments...

Would you date/bang someone with a speech impediment?

I'm not talking about a mild lisp or a failure to articulate. I'm referring to any of the following:

"I'm weawwy tiowed"

"I'm a doctow"


"You don't wespect me anymow"

"Wiww you be my boyfwiend"

Because I, personally, could think of fewer things that are more annoying.


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  • Most people that speak like this are in speech therapy. When I was three I was only 20% understandable. I went through 10 years of therapy and still have a few minor problems when tired or when I have had a few to many to drink. Nothing real bad but, I would understand and help if that was it. I am also raising a daughter that will have to go through speech therapy


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  • i don't think it would bother me that much... just as long as the person with the problem was nice and respected me and my ideas.


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  • Doesn't bug me at all. I've spent a lot of time around deaf people (I studied ASL), and most of them do not talk very well.

    • Come on, dude. You're making me look like a dick.

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    • That would explain the women as well as the speech problem.

    • Nah. He's just really good at using his words to dupe them.

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