Would any of you girls date or hook up with a guy that's bi?

I really just wanna know how girls feel about that because its kinda hard to find a girl that's likes it when I'm to scared to tell people I am.I would love to find a girl that gets turned on by the fact I'm bi ya know? Alotta girls tell me I'm really hot but I'm sure they'd feel a lot different about me if they knew I go both ways.seriously. but anyway just let me know how you all feel about that and please be honest.thanks!


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  • I have no problem with it. I never understand why people are so hung up on things like this. Like "omg you're interested in guys so that automatically negates any interest in females!" or "you'll cheat on me with a guy!" Bisexuals are just human beings for whom gender does not play a significant role in attraction. It doesn't mean they want a free-for-all and can't be in a monogamous relationship. Some can't, but plenty of straight guys can't either. Your ability to not be a douche bag is not dependent on your sexual orientation. I think I'd actually be at peace knowing my guy isn't a homophobic jerk.

    • I feel the same way but unfortuneitly some people look at it as I'm a f**ot for it.nd that's why I'm scared to tell people.worried about what other people will think

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  • I wouldn't, I feel like its to much to worry about with a straight guy if he says oh I'm hanging with this girl...or this girl is my friend its easier to figure things out with a bi guy you have to worry about guys on your man and girls. Not only that I would feel like I couldn't fully satisfy the guy cause I can't give him d*** I can only give him pussi. yah know

    • Yeah I can see where your comeing from. But the thing is I like p**** so much more! But I can't help it I like both.trust me I've tried not too. Thank you for your rely baby girl!

    • ur welcome hope you find what your looking for : )

  • For me honestly it's not any problem ;)

  • I have no problems with people who are bisexual but I wouldn't date a bi guy.

    • Thank you. Yeah I deff ain't gay. I absolutley love p**** I just like guys from time to time. Its just so hard to find a girl that's kool with me being bi! I wish I could find a girl that thinks its hot but I highly doubt I ever will.it ain't the same as two girls ya know?

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