2 dates with no kiss?

So I've been out on two dates with this guy, both at his suggestion (although I've asked him to hang out other days that he hasn't been free), and he hasn't kissed me!

We met at a bar, so I've only seen him 3 times total ever, so I guess we're getting to know each other. But is it normal to not go for a kiss after 2 dates? Or how long am I going to have to wait? Could it mean he doesn't consider them dates? It's been a football game/hanging out at his house. And then a movie and a drink at a bar afterwards.

Definitely confused...


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  • A possibility is that you don't have the body language of wanting to kiss. Maybe try flirting a little more or looking at his lips when you want to kiss. Some guys are very unobservant or don't when girls really want to kiss cause they don't show it well.

    • Hmm, never thought about that. I moved close to him while we were watching the movie and football game, like resting on him kind of. But I've never focused on looking at his lips. I'll try it out when we hang out tomorrow lol. thanks!

    • I agree, body language says everything. Especially the lip thing. But if he doesn't kiss you I think you should just go for it and make the move.

    • Yup. ha ha rachellyjean13

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  • He probably doesn't know how you feel about him, give him some clues.

  • Seems like he's too shy to initiate. You should kiss him on next date if you like him.


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