Pretty sure women don't like dating or sex (yes I'm generalizing)

I think girls would rather go to school, work, go out with friends, but they are not interested in having a guy in their life. Because if they wanted one, they would do things like giving a guy eye contact and smiling, so he would be encouraged to approach, and they don't do that with me. So guys are not a priority to you girls.

Am I right?


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  • I say women DO want to date and get boinked, but at the same time guys are a low priority because they can get any guy they want at any time.

    • I can agree with that

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  • I'm sorry I would disagree. I would say that there are woman who maybe don't want a guy or at the moment don't want one. It sounds like you are looking at the wrong women who are taken or need time to just be single. I for one would say though that when I'm single I go through a cycle. From being as you say having guys not being a priority, to healing to wanting a relationship to not actively looking for one waiting. A lot girls including me just live their life until they meet their next guy. I think you should do the same. Live your life, go out have a good time and I'm sure you will meet someone in no time!

    • I do just live my life, and I never catch any breaks. I just wish girls have some sort of indication that they like a guy.

    • I think you probably are missing signals or are not looking at ones that are available. I know guys say these things and it's usually because they reject girls who actually like them and go for the hot ones instead that don't want to settle.

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  • they want to date and have sex.

    get rid of that limiting belief, and say "they all want to date and have sex with me"

  • You mean with you?

    • LOL yeah, exactly!

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    • you don't represent everyone, dude

    • Fine, if you are an a**hole, you will have a shot because those guys don't care that girls don't prioritize guys.

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