First time V-Day date: should I get him something and what?

First off, I'm actually not sure if he will ask me out for valentines. I just know we kind of like each other because we text everyday and hangout almost daily too. There's a chance he might ask me out for V Day. I had been in a relationship for 7 years before this and we broke up about half year ago so I kind of just got back into the dating scene. I can't remember whether I should get the guy something or not for a first V Day date. This guy is sort of a buddy and I know he's got expensive taste. If he ask me out, should I be getting him something and if I do, what can I get that's creative but affordable?


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  • usually the first v-day date is where the guy pays for everything and not the girl. but if you are the type of girl that is closer to the sexes equality and he knows that then he might be expecting something and if your the traditonal couple then you don't have to until the 2nd or 3rd date. but most guys are happy with anything you give them so if you want a back-up plan keep someting on your person. just in case. you never know and if he doesn't then you have something for when you needit stored up.

    • Ok then. Phew. Thanks for your answer. I will see what I can get as a backup plan. Just in case.

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