Do you think this girl is interested in me or does she know I'm interested?

Okay before I tell you anything, I just feel like anyone with an average intelligence can tell that I'm interested in her... So she goes to my church. We used to work together until she quit last week. Our church room is probably like 100 feet across so it's a big room and she sits on the other side. Including today, I have been going over there to talk to her for 3 weeks now. At work, I was always the one to initiate the conversation with her and stuff. So finally I got her number and asked her to hang out. She was the one to tell me about when her schedule is free like Friday or Tuesdays. Now here's the thing. When she gave me her number, I texted back with my number and then when she said Got it, I said " we'll figure something out sometime. I have midterm and film shoot this week. I'd be down next week." she didn't reply back. So then when we met up for work, I asked her about hanging out and she agreed and then I gently nudged her about the text. she seemed confused like she didn't know I texted her or that she didn't reply and then said she has a habit of not pressing send. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then when she left work, she said "bye! Ill text you!" today I went up to her to confirm if we're still hanging out. I said how she didn't text me so I didn't know the schedule. she AGAIN seemed confused like " I didn't text you?"... I feel like that's a bit sketchy and questionable. But then again, she didn't give a bullsh*t excuse like she forgot or was busy... So she said we're still up for hang out and I said I'll text her tomorrow...

So here's my question: 1. Do you agree with my claim that she knows I'm interested?


2. Do you think she is interested? I feel like unless she's one of those bitches that lead guys on, if she does know that I like her and still agreed to hang out with me, then she would be leading me on. If a girl that I KNOW likes me and wants to hang out with me, I'd be a bit hesitant since I don't wanna give her false hopes.

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  • Just suggest a specific date and time! You left it pretty vaguely ("sometime next week"), so what's she supposed to say? She doesn't have anything to confirm.

    In regards to your questions: Yes, it's pretty clear you're interested. She probably is at least not uninterested if she gave you her number and started to make plans to hang out. You just have to follow through and actually plan something!

    • well last week when we met at work, we said Tuesday after she gets out of class. so I went up to her today to confirm about tomorrow and she said yeah! and I said ill text her tomorrow.

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    • no I completely understand what you mean. and I never said that she's obligated to like me. I'm just saying that if she KNOWS I like her and I'm sure that she does and she doesn't like me back, then to hang out with me without letting me know that she just wants to be friends would be leading me on. the more I hang out with her, the more emotionally attached I will be and if she breaks the news to me later on, itll really hurt me.

    • She's also not responsible for your feelings. She's probably somewhat mutually interested, but you can't count on that and act like it's her fault if she's not.

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  • Lol she's playing with you

    • what? why? well she texted me this morning and said she has a break for a few hours and then what time she's completely done. I said I can't do it during her break but after she's done. she said "sweet. wanna meet up and grab food?"

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    • she looks all confused like she doesn't know what I'm talking about. like "i didn text you?" she looked sincere, unless she's a great actress... and by the way, like I said, she texted me this morning.

    • Yet she talks about not texting you? Hmm..she either has some kind of disorder or she is playing you

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  • She clearly isn't interested, she's given you the wrong number treatment so that you get the message and CAN'T contact her.

    Back off, like well, well away and DO NOT EVEN TRY to contact her again.

    Move on & find someone else.

    • Damn... you sound real intense.

    • And how is that the wrong number treatment

  • Yes, I'm sure it's painfully obvious that you're interested.

    She is probably interested in a "Let's leave this option open on the back burner" kind of way.

    Also, c'mon dude, at church? Your mind is not supposed to be on STUFF at church.


    • hahaha painfully obviously? is it really?

      and heeeeeeellllll nawwww bro... I ain't gonna be her back up if that's the case. I'm not gonna be some scrap that you pick up and toss out

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    • I don't mean to say she's lining you up as "Plan B", I mean it sounds like she may not have a plan right now, so she's probably not pursuing this with the same romantic gusto as you. She probably wants to hang out, and just let things happen. Putting relationship stuff "on the backburner", choosing instead to focus on just hanging out for now.

    • so you're saying that she's neutral right now? that she doesn't know if she likes me or not yet? so she's hanging out with me to sorta make a decision?