I need help I think I messed up!

To make this quick I met a guy via online dating site, we went on a first date, and I ended up sleeping with him. Which I know regret because th emore time I have spent with him, I'm actually starting to like him, and I think I'm starting to get to him too. The last few weekends we have spent together he has opened up to me more about his career, life, family. He's in ton for training in TX he's in the Air Force, I myself went through a horrible relationship last year, and I guess when we met I didn't think we were going to end up liking each other that way, I will admit I felt free, and wanted for the first ime since my bad relationship, I needed to put myself out there again. Well know since his friends he studies with are always out on the town I am begining to feel like 2nd choice, he calls me after he gets aways from them, and we end up having sex, and more sex until the morning. I won't lie I am starting to like him, so that is why I panic and I talked to him last Saturday and told him I can't sleep with him again, and he pleaded me not to do that and that he was willing to devote more time to me than his Air Force buddies. What I thought would never happen that we would start liking each other happened, but I feel horrible because I have never slept with anyone on the 1st date, and I think I screwed up the chance of anything serious with this aewsome guy. He is upset at me and I texted him on Sunday asking him if he really meant what he said about perhaps givig us a chance, and he said now that he is not sure, that I am right and it's prob best we just end it so we won't get hurt. But I could tell by his shortness in his text that he is upset. Should I try to see him again, to see what kind of reaction I get face to face, or just leave it? Help I would appreciate advise.


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  • If he upset about the sex, leave him. He sed he not sure.Either he stringing you or don't know wt he wants in life. But if he seriously upset about other things den sex, I would say withhold the sex and see how faithful he is to his words

    • Good idea, btu can I ask you as a guy that you are, how serious would you take a girl you slept with on 1st date? This was my huge mistake I never do this, the onetime it happens, and I click with this guy, I thought I was never going to hear from him after that and I did. I feel so confused.

    • Depends how she opened up to me, I don't view anyone cheap but in the end everyone just wants to be loved back. I wouldn't view you easy but I would keep my guard. If she opened up to me alot, I would give her abother chance too after all nobody perfect.

    • Hope I helped. Any questions dnt hestiate to drop one on my profile :)

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  • Hey sweetie:)

    I know how you feel.

    I have been in the same boat.

    Honestly the best thing to do is give him time.

    But if he stays stern on being upset with you for making a request of no more sex,

    Then he's in the wrong and that's all he wants.

    And he would be the biggest jack ass.

    Who knows, time apart from you might make him go crazy and come back and give his 120%!

    Good luck!


    • Thank you FareBear for listening, it's eating me up, I just think I played my cards wrong with the right guy. I just wanted to feel wanted and desired again after giving up dating for a year because of what I went through with a bad break up last year, and I wasn't expecting him to like me this way. But I will take your advice, thank you!

    • Anytime!

      I'm sorry about your brake up last year.

      I went through my worst brake up last year as well.

      3 years& he cheated on me& after he dumped me called me horrible things.

      I took it all pretty hard& didn't feel like I was worth anything to the world.

      I wanted to die.This might sound cheesy, but I found God lol&he showed me how much he personally cared for me&how special I am to him.Let me tell you something, You are worth something, &if this guy rejects you then he isn't the man for you!