Do you call girls you are not interested in?

I have been talking to this guy for awhile mostly via text and gchat but lately he hasn't really been on gchat. He does text me daily but its less often but calls me at least 2+ times a week and we talk for awhile. I really like him and mentioned it to him and it seemed like he liked me too... the calls have increased and text is slowly increasing. Sometimes I get the feeling that he isn't interested but if that is the case why still keep calling and get excited to talk to me?


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  • Sounds intrested else the calls and messages would decrease unless he like me a very conversing type of person.

  • sounds interested to me, I don't put that kinda effort into girls I don't like. he likes you or he likes feeling liked because he has a weak ego, I don't know I don't know him

    • Maybe you have a point with the feeling liked part :(

    • sounds a bit extreme that he would put all that effort and time into talking to you just to stroke his ego. if that is the case he's a psychopath and lacks empathy in which case you should feel no remorse in cutting him lose.

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