Does he want a relationship?

There is this guy I met out of town a few weeks ago. We talked for a while and exchanged numbers. He asked me out on a date and we hit it off. The next date we cuddled but I made it clear that I would not hook up. He keeps telling me that he wants me to be his girlfriend, but I'm wondering if it is just because he wants me to have sex with him. He keeps saying that he's trying to work his way up to be my boyfriend and we talk every day but the weird thing is he never asks me questions. I feel like if he wanted to be my boyfriend that bad, he would care about getting to know me. Also, he keeps saying that he's falling for me, but it seems way too fast. Anyway, when we go on dates he spends a considerable amount of money which is nice, but again, I don't know if its some tactic to get me in to bed. And it is a two hour drive to see me. Help!


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  • yeh gonr already said it and I completely agree with him

    BUT he diddnt exactly spell it out for an over thinking woman

    so the first thing that we need to get out of the way is that all men want sex, so asking if he's trying to have sex with you is a bit pointless

    the REAL question is in what context he wants sex, does he just want to get laid or does he want a relationship? Well he SAYS he wants a relationship and after a few weeks of seeing you spending HOURS to get to you without any sex as reward, perhaps you can see a pattern here but its probably reasonable to assume that he wants a relationship.

    (btw from all guys to you, we tend to say what we are thinking, guys who want to get laid DO NOT TEND TO ASK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS, why would they if they don't want one, a lot more hassle than necessary)

    and yeh of course he's spending a lot of money HE LIKES YOU. he couldn't make it more obvious for you if he tried.

    perhaps instead of holding back because of your fear of the scary penis monster, you should just relax and see where it goes. the guy seems pretty stand up to me

    • God that's funny. Scary penis monster? ha ha OK well thank you for your answer!

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  • Girls get so nervous about this kind of stuff all the time. As if there's always some hidden message or secret behind everything.

    Gels, we guys are not nearly as complicated as you are. When we say we like you, we like you.


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  • If you're so worried about it, then just don't jump into bed for awhile . . . If that's really all he wants he won't last more than two months or so.

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