I know I deserve better

My guy friend never takes me out on dates. We have incredible sex & we both are scared about sleeping around. So I know we only want each other. I'm now learning the art of dating. He's plus exp'd. His theory,just have fun until we get bored of each other. I want him more than he wants me...how to stop thinking of him. I know he's not getting his feelings involved but I'm a lover & very sensitive...what am I suppose to do now ?


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  • It'll be 10X easier to leave now than a year from now. He's not giving you what you need and deserve, and when people do that, you need to respect your own worth enough to walk away from that.

    "His theory,just have fun until we get bored of each other." ----> What? This might be OK in a scenario where you're clearly using him for sex too, but not when you have feelings. My instant reaction would have been to get up, tell him "Well I'm bored now," and left.

    Look at it this way, he's doing things according to what he wants right? He's having casual carefree sex. If he's a guy not looking for a relationship, he's not going to let anyone rope him into a relationship. So why aren't you do things according to what YOU want? If the standards of this relationship don't suit you, then walk away. You'll find you not only gain more respect for yourself, but respect from others when you do this. You're more likely to get what you want too.


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  • Stop sleeping with him for starters. Make sure he into a relationship or tell him to hitch the road.


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  • Well, I think if you want more than what you have now then you simply need to come out and tell him that and see what happens, it seems that you aren't satisfied with just sex if there is no relationship involved, so if you tell him and he says he isn't interested in taking it any further it's probably better to end it then, since you'll continue wanting more and he most likely never will.

    That's kinda why I've never been involved with a FWB type deal because I know I'm not able to separate sex from how I feel.