Why do guys always want to know who you're hanging out with?

OK there's this guy I've been seeing..we don't date though.

Recently I told him a friend had come over for a visit. He wanted to know who it was. OK we're not in the same circle of friends so he couldn't possibly know her. I know too he wasn't asking in a controlling way because he's not like that.

Thoughts? Was he asking because he likes me more than he says he does?

just curious...and btw,this isn't the first time its happened.


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  • IMHO you could see it as an (ill placed) kind of jealousy or a desire to protect you:

    he figures that since he knew you first he has more 'rights 'n plights' than a 'stranger'.

    • Hmm well I told him it was an old gal pal of mine.

      thanks for the input!

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  • Or it just could be to start a conversation. Really there's no telling but if he didn't say it in a controlling way you should have nothing to worry about.


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  • haha - well, I ask people this out of simple curiosity and interest in them and their life: friends, family, classmates, coworkers...

    it could be more, it's true. but it might have just been casual.

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