Am I overreacting and over thinking?

So I've been seeing this guy and we've been on five dates so far and theyve all been good and fun.on one date He tried to kiss me but I didn't let him yet cause I was nervous but I let him kiss me on the cheek 2. After the date he called me two days later to talk and told me he'd be working all this week so we won't be able to hang out later that day I sent him a text message saying I'm at a friends house so if he wants to text me I won't be available till the next day. Its been three days and he hasent texted back or called. I'm freaking out cause I hate being led on. If it was the first date id understand and be like whatever! but its been 5 dates. Am I being dumb and over thinking it.


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  • my feeling is that he isn't leading you on but he probably felt rejected by you not letting him kiss you after several dates. why, if you like this guy and want to keep seeing him would you reject an innocent kiss? I'm not hte kind of guy who usually kisses on the first date but after several dates if there is no physical intimacy then I'd wonder, especially if I made a move to kiss a girl and got the cold cheek.

    I'd imagine that he's probably creating distance physically as a result of a perceived emotional distance you created by rejecting his advance. If you really want to see you should just call him and see what's up. But I think he was probably feeling rejected and turn off by you...

    I don't think it's fair to say he led you on though. you rejected an advance of his and no he feels rejected/insecure/turned off

    • Yeah, it's like she caused the whole situation but then flipped the blame to him?

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    • that's fair. I said specifically that I don't kiss on the first date for the most part. Did you say to him specifically when it happened that you're sorry I wasn't ready to be kissed? nonetheless a guy or person may feel rejected and wonder where it's going after 5 dates... But you can't say he led you on. He innocently tried to kiss you on the lips after 5 dates. It's fine to be uncomfortable although you have to ask yourself how long do you need to decide if you want to kiss someone.

    • ...and if you are still so nervous after several dates is it possible you really aren't into him?

  • What? If I were this guy I would have stopped talking to you a while ago. You've been on 5 dates and he can't even get a real kiss? 5 dates, is usually sex. This guy deserves a medal for sticking around as long as he did. But by no means has he led you on in any way lol. You're really not showing much interest him...a kiss on the cheek? What is this 1955? I understand being conservative and everythying but 5 dates an not even a kiss?


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