Inviting him over to my place on third date?

I am a twenty years old girl with basically no dating experience and I am a virgin.

About two months ago I met this guy online. He is one day older than I am, he goes to uni.

We met twice in person and I really like him. This week he asked me if I wanted to hang out at my place, that he would bring food and movies over.

I got really excited and agreed, even though we did not set a date yet. Then I slept on it and now I am a bit afraid. IsnĀ“t he moving a bit too fast? I live alone and being stupid I told him that. He lives with his parents, so it kind of makes sense to hang out at my place.

I like him and he seems nice, but I do not really know him. Should I be afraid that he will try to abuse me or something? Should I tell him that I do not want to invite him to my place yet? I do not want to make him feel like I am not interested, Because I am!

What do you guys think?



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  • Being at your place just the two of you makes it very easy to cross certain lines...although he can't make the assumption that just because you two are alone at your place that you are giving him permission to do so. Just be aware that you may get lost in the moment. So if you don't want to put yourself in compromising situations, don't hang out at your place until your ready for what can happen. Just say you'd rather see a movie at the theater or something :)

    • Thanks, liked your answer. Even though it doesn't matter anymore, he is not interested any longer...

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  • I think it's too early on to invite yourself over.


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  • I agree it's way too soon for him to be over your house and even to know where you live. My advice it to tell him you rather keep meeting in a public place for the moment. As women we have to be extra care even if the guy appears to be nice. Don't be afraid to set boundaries guys respect women more when they have set boundaries and don't compromise them for no one. You have the right to change your mind without feeling guilty about it. If he still tries to hang out at your house along just be honest and tell him that you just don't invite people over that you just met a few times. Also you mentions "hang out" so this is not a date. Hangout in this day in time is from a guy perception is "I want more then just friends but not a relationship." So if you looking for something serious make it clear that you won't settle for hang out and if he wants you time, attentions, and energy make him work for it. He needs to ask you out. What you settle for in the beginning will determine the outcome of how he feels and thinks about you.

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