Life after a long relationship- help please

So I dated (6 dates) a really cool guy .. But he just ended a -9- year old relationship almost a year ago.. and he feels like he hasn't experienced anything in life.. in the romantic sphere.

We really click well, and he says he cares for me, he thinks of me when I'm not there .. etc. Problem is he wants to date another girl too .. someone he met the same time we met. Says it will give him some type of relativity and confidence in his own feelings..that he lacks.. He doesn't trust himself that much in the romantic field.

I really like him, but I couldn't do this, while he's going out on dates with others. He says he doesn't wanna hurt me.. and that if theoretically .. we went on dating , one of us (I guess me) would really get hurt.

We ended it .. since I do see us connecting and evolving together .. he does too, but he listens to the rational saying that he's experienced nothing.. and he needs to.

It is really sad, and it's been a while since I really had anything closer to this.. I've been thinking about it a lot .. and him. It sucks.

Guys, have you experienced anything remotely close to this?

What would you recommend.. ?

What do you think my chances are?

He's probably on a first date with this girl .. right now :o\


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  • I would suggest that you move on and save yourself the likely pain down the road. I know the feeling of wanting to see what is out there so I can understand his point of view, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. If he saw you as that one person to build a future with then he would, but it sounds like he cares enough to not let you go, but not enough to quench the desire to explore. I am not going to say that he won't come around, but the initial signs don't look too good. Some people like to keep a couple irons in the fire in case one burns out they have something to fall back on. Find someone that sees you as the experience they want in life and don't look back at what could have been with those that didn't.


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