Would you date this girl?

I want honest opinions. I have taken it upon myself to "mentor" my younger cousin with dating and stuff, but I'm not sure if she's attractive. I mean I think so, but I'm biased..so what are you're opinions?

She is about five four, has brunette hair past her shoulders, has these pretty brownish hazelish eyes that have these cute gold flecks in them, has an olive skin tone, is pear shaped (basically has a nice upper bod but gains her weight on her lower bod) , is pretty athletic build like has some muscle, gets A's in school and is good at sports like basketball softball etc., but also loves music, snowboarding, and can play the piano.

Would you date her? I can add more details later. Thanks in advance, also why or why not would you date her, and what features about her do you like/dislike? I hope this will give me enough info to give her accurate dating advice, and beauty advice. Thanks in advance! I rate all answers :)


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  • How much weight in her lower bod? LIke 'ooh, an ass' or 'whoa, she'd bob high in the water'?

    What's her demeanor like? Is she cheerful? shy? cynical? depressed? entitled? appreciative?

    • lower bod-the first one. I'd say she's cheerful, and sometimes gets a little shy or depressed because of a bullying situation..but all you have to do is talk to her and she'll be cool..and she says what she thinks, but she knows how to hold her tongue.

    • Sounds pretty rateable but if you're biased, your descriptions probably are too!

    • hah that's probs true thanks :)

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