What would/should you do in this situation? Girls, what would you like to happen in this situation?

You take a girl out to dinner and it's your first date.

You order a bottle of wine, flirting, chatting etc... You notice that her glass of wine was emptied pretty quickly. You put it down to nerves.

She does seem quite nervous. In a sweet way. You like her. She's cute. You ignore it. The second one goes pretty swiftly, too.

You decide to keep an eye on it. It becomes obvious that she's clearly drinking way too fast, and you're becoming a little worried and concerned. What is the right thing to do?

It hits her, and she's a little drunk, but in a really nice, giggly way. You still like her a lot. There's no problem in behavior in any way.

Although you don't think she's an alcoholic, you don't know for sure, but you think that she most likely probably isn't.

How would you handle the situation, and would it be a good idea to ask her for a second date, in case it was a one time thing? You could miss out on a genuine gem of a girl who happened to drink a bit too much on her first date.


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  • Just keep going out and see if this is a pattern or a first date only type of thing


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