Is he still interested?

I hung out with a new guy last Wednesday and it was good. We've been talking since February 2nd. Sunday we hung out again and I swear it went so great but now in regretting the fact I slept with him. We went out to get drinks (my idea because he wanted to do a movie and dinner) and he kept kissing me. He called me babe/baby then we left and went back to his house where my car was. I tried to leave but he asked me to come inside. We made out and next thing I know I'm letting him rip my clothes off. He tried to get it up and he did a time or two but couldn't keep it up. He ate me out twice and then we went talked. I tried to leave him after sex and he begged me to stay the night. He kept telling me how beautiful and sexy I was, asked me to be his Valentine TWICE because the first time I didn't answer. We went to sleep and literally every time I switched positions he would wake up and cuddle again and again. I called him whack during sex because he couldn't keep it up though but we made out even when he was f***ing me. I got up at 6am to leave and he kissed me goodbye. I didn't hear from him ALL day Monday so today around 10am I texted him which I've never done before:

Me: Hey

Him: hey, how are you?

Me: good. Did you have fun Sunday?

Him: yes I did. Did you? Even though I'm whack

Me: yes and I wasn't being serious about you being whack. You snore loud as sh*t though.

Him: I was tired and drinking

Me: I wasn't trying to keep you from going to sleep, sorry.

Him: I meant that's why I was snoring.

I ignored because, to me, he's being short. I don't want to force him to talk to me but maybe he's not interested or he's embarrassed?


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  • I think youve hurt his pride and ego with your comments that he's whack and that he snores loud. You could try and see if he wants to get together again, if he says yes then he's interested, if he says no then he's not interested.