Does he not like me anymore?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 months. Everything seemed great, he'd always text me in the morning saying have a good day, we'd talk at night, etc etc.

However, yesterday he didn't text me at all and also the "have a good day" texts have stopped :/ He did tell me he was feeling miserable (on Sunday) cause he's sick.

I text him like 20ish minutes ago asking if he's feeling better today but sill haven't gotten a reply.

Do you think he doesn't like me anymore or do you think he's just really sick?


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  • I would assume it's because he doesn't feel well.

    If he keeps ignoring you, THEN I would assume something is wrong.

    • He did reply but I'm still kinda iffy :/

    • I still say it's too early to worry. If he continues being distant, just ask him about it and go from there.

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