Things to do after first date

So I just had the first date with this girl I've been interested in the past two months. We went out for dinner, spent most of the evening talking, barely touched our food, and shared dessert.

After dinner, I took her home and walked her to her door. We both acknowledged we had an awesome time, and gave each other a real hug and said we'd like to do this again soon!

We texted each other a little after repeating that "we had a great time"

I called her two days later to talk and try to schedule a date. Our schedules are busy for this week, but she said it doesn't have to be this week and that we will work something out.

What can I do now?


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  • You could always text, call, or video chat when you two have a little bit of free time if you are too busy to meet for a second date.

    • She doesn't like texting for conversations. I want to be careful of coming across as needy, but so far I call her every 2 or 3 days now

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  • Do something out of the box and fun, like go to boomers or a play (instead of a run of the mill movie), even like a film festival or a fair. Something new and different. You want to set yourself apart from every other guy she's dated.

    • I was thinking of taking her to a comedy club. It's nearby the college we attend

    • That would be great :D

  • Seem like she's a bit busy, give it a couple days and give her a call; not a text. Calling makes us feel special. Then ask her when she's free.

  • just relax, everything went well, now just be patient for the next date.


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