Why did she text me if she's really "happy"?

As condensed as possible: We met a couple years go online. We never met. We talked basically every day for six months and really enjoyed talking to each other on the phone, in texts, and on cam. At the beginning, I said I was bad with relationships, but she didn't care. At about the sixth month mark, I found out she was lying about doing things, and it turned out she was "cheating" on me. I wouldn't have cared if she had said she wanted a break to date guys where she was at, but she didn't. She held on to me and I felt used.

I gave her sh*t for awhile. When I had decided I could try getting over it, she blocked me from her life. The other day she sent a text saying that she's bored and misses having friends. She apparently moved to New York (from California) and is living with a guy. I ask her questions about why she's texting me, and she gets defensive. She recently stopped replying to my questions asking why she's texting me after all that had happened.

Is she really that bored that she wants to toy with me?

Does she somehow have feelings for me?

This girl is really confusing the hell out of me.


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  • Yeah, it sounds like she's gotten bored so she wants to have you again. Someone to talk to all the time, have the support and friendship and whatever else you guys had together. I'd ignore her if I were you because she'll probably end up doing the same thing she did before... and her not answering your legitimate questions speaks volumes about her maturity level.

    Ignore her, try to move on. I'm sorry she hurt you - don't allow her to keep doing it.


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