What are your deal breakers when it comes to dating?

Mine are these lol

If she talks about an ex all the time

If she doesn't ask anything about me and just talks about herself

If I find out she sleeps with her pet dogs in her bed (gross!)

If she tries to have sex with me on the first date (I want sex but it freaks me out if she wants it first date)

If she is rude to our waiter/server/bartender it is a big red flag that she is a bitch lol


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  • She is fat

    She is not clean with her body, her ass is dirty, her p*ssy is dirty, smells, her hair is dirty, her nails are dirty

    She has hair in her underarms or legs

    She has hairy or ugly moles

    She has yellow teeth

    She is missing front teeth

    She is manly or masculine

    She talks about sex with other guys

    She sees other people as inferior, or makes fun of people, or hates people because stereotypes, culture, race, beliefs, etc.

    She has too much acne

    By the way, I don't understand how some guys can judge a girl because she slept with them the first night, how ridiculous and stupid is that, no offense, but that's plain retarded, if a girl has sex with me the first night is because I'm awesome, it doesn't mean she is going to do it with everyone, plus who cares if she had sex with 100 guys, as long as she doesn't have stds and she is monogamous, I don't see the issue, the only guys that get butthurt about those things are losers that never get laid and are jealous that girls have more sexual abundance than then

    • OK well I'm trying to be civil but you just called me ridiculous, stupid, and retarded all in one answer so...I just have to say the only thing more ridiculous than a girl spreading for a guy on the first date is the guy sticking his penis in and telling himself in his mind it's because he is so awesome and that she must not have any STD lol.

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    • Yeah and wrapping it solves everything lol. I hope you know wrapping it only prevents pregnancy, not really any diseases since during the thrusting bodily fluids will still be exchanged unless you have a tiny penis that is completely covered by that wrap during the entire event of intercourse.

    • Well that worse can happen is that it could break, and is not that uncommon. I would say for people that have less than 8 partners in their lif don't have too much to worry about, but if you are one of the people that have 50+ or 100+ you are better off wrapping it off every single time.

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  • He's got a criminal record, has an addiction (to drugs, smoking, or alcohol), is a liar, has a hot temper, is rude to my family or friends, isn't a Christian, disrespects my decision to wait until marriage for sex, is clingy and insecure, shows jealousy or possessiveness, has no plans for the future, or isn't the brightest bulb.

    Can I ask what's wrong with a girl sharing her bed with her dog?

    • I had a feeling the dog thing would get me criticism because I know lots of girls share their bed with their dog but from my point of view it's gross! Sorry! lol. It's just gross sleeping in sheets that have been rubbed down by a dog.

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    • Of course, I completely understand making the dog leave the room when about to make love (I'd hate for it to be watching haha). But just sharing the bed with them doesn't feel unsanitary in the least; it just feels warm and safe. :)

    • OK thanks for helping me understand a little bit

  • If he doesn't take care of himself. This includes diet, hygiene, and exercise. Also if he is rude, disrespectful or thinks of himself as better then other people. Another thing is if he isn't focused on his future like his career and what he wants to do with his life.

  • If he refuses to make the slightest romantic gesture

    If he's selfish

    If he's a criminal

    If he takes advantage of others; parents, friends, family

    If he has a lousy sense of humor

    If he plays games, "tests" me, lies

    If he doesn't speak English (haha)

    I'm sure there are others, but those came to mind first :-)

    • I'm not a criminal and I sepak English, I can also be romantic once in a while, other than that, you got me LOL!

    • Oh, snowangle mentioned a big one I forgot: If he has an addiction to drugs/alcohol.

      @TheManHimself - you have a lousy sense of humor? :-P haha

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