Does he really just want to cuddle?

I've been out with him a couple times and he said he wants me to come over and watch some movies with him on Saturday and cuddle. If not Saturday he said I can pick an other day. He's told me several times how he has dvr in his roon with a ;) Every time he mentions me coming over when he texts me he always puts ;) I'm wondering if he's just being flirty or if he's thinking something else.

Anyway, we're both 20 and in college, but he lives with his parents. So, my question for the guys is, if he lives with his parents, all he's thinking of doing with me is cuddling, right? At least, I'm assuming his parents will be home. He wouldn't be thinking anything else is going to happen, right?

I also want to mention that he has pretty much stopped asking me to do anything else, not even a coffee date or anything. It's like this is all he wants to do and he only wants to hang out at night, so that's why I'm asking this I guess.


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  • I don't know what his work or school schedule is, so it's impossible to know why he chooses the times of day/night he does. It certainly sounds flirtatious though, and his parents aren't in his bedroom (at least I hope so, for his sake), so romance can occur in privacy, or he might have told his parents that he likes you and wants them to meet you. He might be a good man who really does want to win your affection, so I'd say to go for it and see what happens.


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