Why don't guys call girls there dating?

I want to know Why guys don't text or call girls they like every day or every other day. Of course he's working and has a life but if he claims to like the girl why doesn't he call her a lot and text her a lot?

Also I want to know why guys are not enthusiastic like us girls on the phone... theyll say " I like u" and " I am attracted to u" but they sound so ...mono tone and sometines it makes you second guess if he actually does like u. what's up with guys ? I'm bery curious!


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  • does he know you like him. cause if he doesn't maybe that's why he doesn't call more often.

    anyway it's pretty weird on the phone to be honest. can't explain it but I'm no talking on the phone that much with guys either. I don't call to see how they're doing if I know I'm going to meet them anyway.

    what would you two be talking about when you meet if you already said everything over the phone?! and what kind of subjects would you like to talk about over the phone?!

    ever heard those "i love you more" or "no you hang up first" kind of people. I don't want to be doing that either. it's a man thing. it's completely diff when you're there and he says I love you. though as a guy, he'll maybe give you a kiss instead of actually saying it.

    another reason may be he doesn't feel comfortable to talk when he's around family. I know I'm not. I just leave the room when having to talk on the phone no matter the subject or person calling.

    or maybe he just doesn't like you. how long have you been togheter ? what's his behavior when you meet ? if he acts just as cold as on the phone then maybe you have a problem...

    • Yes we are dating/seeing each other and he knows I like him and he says he likes me. Yea he did tell me that he doesn't like talking on the phone or texting cause it leaves nothing to talk about when we see each other. tbh when we talk on the phone it to see how each others doing but we talk on the phone maybe like once every week and that's if we don't text through the week. I hate those kinds of people its annoying but I would like him to show he likes me through texting ...

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    • okay yea I see. he says he doesn't like to text or call cause its not something he likes to do. but he works and should I wait for him to text me? or can I always strike up a convo since he doesn't like to text.

    • well if he works maybe he can't call or take calls. as for texting I guess you can text him a couple of times about random stuff. just don't get too carried away cause it might bug him.

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  • We're not women for starters. We don't have wild emotional swings like women. Also, you don't want to oversaturate a budding relationship with too much contact. If I like a girls I've just started dating I'll see her once a week on a date, and probably text twice a week. First of all, there is nothing that interesting going on in either of our lives that we need to keep each other updated regularly. lol. Second, I just really hate pointless texting...and woman are masters of pointless texting.

    • Haha true true, but not all have wild mood swings just 90 percent.

    • Haha...100% of the ladies I deal with

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  • I hate talking on the phone. its tiresome and vacuous. if I want to talk to someone id prefer to see them in person.I only use my phone for information. Work. Appointments etc. I have never called a guy I like. Or talked to them for ore than a few seconds on the phone, if they called. Nothing to do with lack of interest. Though they assumed that was the case. it was not.

  • Guys are less verbal than girls are. Its how they're brain is wired. Men are better at tasks that require spacial awareness(think sports) and mathematical skills and woman are better at language skills and emotional type things. This gos back to how in primitive times men would hunt for food and build things and women would raise the children and socialize holding the community together.