Am I being stupid or does my boyfriend not like me anymore?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 months. Everything was going great until last weekend when he had to go out of town and also got sick. Since then, he hasn't been texting me as much. He usually texts me first but for the past few days its been me contacting him first asking if he's feeling better.

Last night he said he is, just the sniffles left, so why didn't he text me? I'm scared he doesn't like me anymore, although I have no idea why because like I said, everything was great.

ALSO, he didn't text me at all today and I didn't text him. This is really bugging me because I have no idea what I could have done wrong to make him not like me anymore :'(

I actually feel like crying because I really do care for him, its like I've never felt this way about a man before. And seriously, right before Valentines Day he acts like this? UGH D':


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  • My advice is to relax, give him a few days without texting him to see what happens. He might just want to be left alone by everyone for the time being. Panicking, or appearing to panic over this will only make him question your sanity, because you girls define the importance of Valentine's Day, we men don't - many of us can't find any logic in "proving" to our women (with a price tag) what we've been showing them all year. for free. In other words, Valentine's Day is just another senseless consumer "obligation", not a thoughtful and heartfelt day for many of us, because a true "Valentine's Day" can only be chosen by each couple, on whichever day or days of the year they both agree upon.

    • I understand, but this is our first one together so it's kinda special to me. I'm not even wanting him to buy me anything expensive or big... Just do something sweet and romantic. I hope he at least talks to me a little today but I'll take your advice and not text him, despite how much I want :/

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  • Hey that does sound hard, he may still be sick and may just want you to be there to sook him for a while lol ( he may need you to chase him and make him feel like he is NO one in your life )

    have you actually made an effort to go an see him in person ? maybe you should that way its not over text and you knw and can see how he feels :)

    • Should I ask him if I can come over or if he needs me there to look after him this weekend?

    • That is a good idea, it didn't occur to me when I wrote the first reply. Tell him that you want to visit him and cook him something special (the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, as the old saying goes). Letting him know that you also want to make sure he's OK is a good idea as well, just be reserved, smothering him is probably a bad idea.

    • Ok, I just hope he's not planning on leaving me. I'd be really shocked cause everything was good, at least to me it was :(

  • sounds like he's doing the fade away thing

    • Really? When I do text him, he replies back. My friend thinks he's still not feeling well. Also, he works from 4am to like 2pm which might be a factor :/ I'm just making myself sick worrying cause I don't want him to break up with me.

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